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Feel-good factor: What the heart desires

Wellness in the Haus am Meer means: a first dip in the morning in the swimming pool with a view of the North Sea. After the walk, heat up in the sauna and de-stress your skin in the steam bath. After an extensive Thalasso shower, have a heavenly rest in the relaxation lounge. The ideal place to focus on the self and to bring body and mind into harmony.

Our island spa

Flow – the state of complete harmony between emotions, consciousness and bodily awareness.

Our spa offers massages, facials and body treatments with the high quality Carita and La Mer care lines as well as mesotherapy – we trust in the intelligent connection between traditional healing art and the rich treasures of the sea. For appointments or advance bookings, please contact our Spa staff at +49 4932 89 38 88 or by e-mail at

Massages: Soothing hands

Healing massages create the feeling of resting completely within oneself. Our trained spa staff will be happy to advise you on the selection of individual application, suitable products and special wishes.

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Salt Stone Massage
  • Algae Massage
  • Facial Massage
  • Head an Neck Massage
  • Foot Reflexology Massage
  • Classical Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Warming and relaxing.
A traditional massage with hot basalt stones that rebalances body and soul and relaxes the muscles.

Full body 60 minutes / 105 Euro Partial body (focus back) 30 minutes / 65 Euro

Salt Stone Massage

This treatment is applied holistically to the body and face. The relaxing massage with heated salt stones and almond oil remineralises the skin and stimulates the lymphatic activity. The muscles are loosened and tensions are released.

Full body 50 minutes / 95 Euro Partial body (focus back) 30 minutes / 59 Euro

Algae Massage

A full body massage with a warm algae wrap with highly effective active ingredients. The skin is gently massaged and intensively tightened. The sea and algae silt extract provides the skin with lasting moisture, lending it resilience and elasticity. You can look forward to a significantly firmer skin texture.

50 minutes / 95 Euro

Facial Massage

Firming and balancing.
Relaxing massage for face, neck and décolleté. Ensures better skin circulation and gives your skin a noticeably tighter and more relaxed feeling.

25 minutes / 49 Euro

Head an Neck Massage

Let go and loosen up.
Headaches are often the result of tension in the shoulder and neck area. The muscles are loosened by targeted pinching and stretching.

25 minutes / 49 Euro

Foot Reflexology Massage

The foot is interrelated to the whole body and therefore foot reflexology not only achieves deep relaxation but also has an influence on the whole organism.

40 minutes / 69 Euro

Classical Massage

Mobilising and muscle-loosening. The classical massage is one of the oldest treatment methods and not only helps to support the regeneration process, but also releases superficial and deep muscle tensions.

Full body 50 minutes / 95 Euro Partial body (focus back) 30 minutes / 59 Euro

La Mer: Thalasso as a model

Thalasso treatments describe the interaction of cold or warm sea water, sun, algae, mud and sand. More than 20 years ago this natural phenomenon was the inspiration for La mer – the positive effect of sea silt on stressed skin in need of regeneration was rediscovered.

  • La mer pur
  • La mer sensibel
  • La mer individual
  • La mer intensive
  • La mer for men
  • Luxurious body wrap
  • Encounter with the North Sea
  • Aroma full body peeling

La mer pur

Deep cleansing and clarification for the face. Especially for combination and oily skin with a tendency for blemishes. Cleansing, sea peeling, steaming, removal of skin impurities, active ingredient concentrate, pore-refining mask and final care.

60 minutes / 65 Euro

La mer sensibel

Soothing and balancing for the face. Mild products, free of preservatives and perfumes, also calm skin with neurodermatitis or rosacea tendency. Cleansing, gentle enzyme peeling, if desired removal of skin impurities, moisture concentrate, facial massage, balancing mask and final care.

60 minutes / 69 Euro

La mer individual

For the face – tailored to your skin type. Active ingredients from brown and green algae provide ample moisture and are adapted to your needs after prior skin analysis. Cleansing, sea salt peeling, steaming, removal of skin impurities, active ingredient concentrate, facial massage, mask and final care.

75 minutes / 85 Euro

La mer intensive

Regenerating and smoothing for your face. Sea silt and caviar extracts provide intensive moisture and revitalize demanding skin. The snow algae extract, in combination with hyaluron, smoothes the skin with lasting effect. Cleansing, enzyme peeling, steaming, removal of skin impurities, active ingredient concentrate, facial massage, serum, biocellulose sheet mask and final care.

90 minutes / 129 Euro

La mer for men

Freshness and relaxation for your face. Balancing and at the same time invigorating facial treatment for demanding male skin. Cleansing, sea peeling, on request steaming and removal of skin impurities, active ingredient concentrate, relaxing face and neck massage, mask and final care.

60 minutes / 69 Euro

Luxurious body wrap

Moisturising and smoothing – for the whole body. This soothing body wrap provides intensive moisture and is a pleasure for all senses. Starting with an intensive skin cleansing with La mer sea salt peeling, the rich body wrap is then applied. After a short pause to allow for absorption, it is gently massaged in.

60 minutes / 95 Euro

Encounter with the North Sea

Metabolically stimulating – for the whole body. Cleansing body peeling with sea salt crystals and a metabolically stimulating sea mud pack increase vitality and well-being. Based on purifying algae and extracts of seawater and silt, which supply your skin with valuable trace elements and vitamins.

60 minutes / 98 Euro

Aroma full body peeling

Clarifying and caring – for the whole body. A sea salt peeling refined with aroma promotes the blood circulation of the skin and, depending on the scent, has a stimulating or calming effect. It contains minerals that activate the metabolism and stimulates lymph flow and purification. After deep skin cleansing and a shower, you will enjoy a skin type-appropriate final care to round it off.

40 minutes / 69 Euro

Mesotherapy & classical cosmetics

In addition to classic cosmetic treatments, we also offer mesotherapy treatments with microneedling and ultrasound as an effective supplement. The regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin is stimulated by the meso-tips, the skin appearance is refined.


Carita: Expert in anti-aging care

At the forefront of technological progress, Carita offers the most exclusive pre-aging and anti-aging products to counteract the signs of aging as early as possible. Extraordinary cocktails of active ingredients with a lifting effect intensively care for the skin. The treatments enchant with a unique scent and texture.

    • Claqssical Massage
    • Mesotherapy: Ultrasound and Microneedling

    Claqssical Massage

    Mobilising and muscle-loosening. The classical massage is one of the oldest treatment methods and not only helps to support the regeneration process, but also releases superficial and deep muscle tensions.

    Eyebrow tinting 14 / 8 Euro Plucking eyebrows 12 / 8 Euro Eyelash tinting 15 / 10 Euro Eyelash tinting, eyebrow correction and tinting, eye mask approx. 30 min. 39 Euro Manicure: Prices on request

    Mesotherapy: Ultrasound and Microneedling

    Ultrasound tightens the connective tissue and increases the production of collagen and elastic fibres. Microneedling ensures direct absorption of the active ingredient in the deeper skin structures. The result: fresh, smooth and optimally nourished skin, full of vitality. For the best possible results, a combination of both methods is recommended.

    Ultrasound and microneedling treatment pure, incl. ampoule and mask: 60 minutes / 115 Euro Ultrasound application within one facial treatment: 10 minutes / 25 Euro Microneedling application within one facial: 10 minutes / 30 Euro